Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez was invited by the College of Optometrists

This month we are delighted to announce that our surgeon Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez was invited by the College of Optometrists to collaborate with their journal. The selected topic was the surgeon’s perspective in advising patients seeking cosmetic surgery, such as blepharoplasty, ptosis repair and lid malposition correction. In the editorial, Mr Muel-Gonzalez had the opportunity to share his view with other experts and his approach in clinic before a surgical procedure.

The most important points were summarised in three main ideas. Those were the patient’s motivation, a comprehensive review of the clinical history and setting achivable objectives.

Mr Muel-Gonzalez recognises that every patient has an unique motivation to undergo aesthetic surgery. Discussing that motivation with the patient provides to the surgeon a clear understanding of the individual reasons behind the patient’s desire for a physical change.

During the initial consultation, Mr Muel-Gonzalez reviews any past and current medical history that could potentially affect the patient’s suitability for surgery. For example, in some cases an eye lid asymmetry might not require a blepharoplasty but further investigations to rule out other pathologies, such as tyroid disease.

After confirming that a surgical approach is indicated, the patient’s expectations are discussed in clinic to ensure achievable outcomes. Mr Muel-Gonzalez acknowleges that patient’s satisfaction is only accomplished with an excellent understanding of the patient’s motivation and expectations and a clear communication between the patient and their surgeon.

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