Cataract surgery

Personalised cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia (no need to pinch the eye)

What are cataracts?

A cataract forms when your natural lens inside your eye becomes opaque. This happens more commonly due to natural aging, but it can happen sooner due to other reasons, such as medications, trauma or other diseases that are related with cataract forming.

What are the symptoms?

When a cataract is forming you might experience loss of vision, light distortion, glare and difficulty driving at night. Some types of cataracts can be related to other serious eye problems, such as high intraocular pressure and rapid and irreversible loss of vision.

What does lens replacement surgery involve?

Before the procedure your eyes will be numbed with eye drops, so you should not be worried about any needles. We will remove your old lens and we will place an artificial clear lens in the same position in your eye. There is a wide range of different lenses that can be used, and Mr Muel-Gonzalez will explain which type is the best option for you.
Will it hurt?

Not at all. If you close your eye, and you touch firmly over your eyelid, you will get a very approximate idea of what you will feel during the procedure: just pressure changes, and some water around your eye.

Cataract post operative care

What does the postoperative care involve?

After your treatment we will place transparent eye-shields to protect your eyeballs. You will use drops for 4 weeks, and we will give you instructions about returning back to work or to do your normal daily activities. During the first days it will be normal if you feel a bit of grittiness, and if your vision is still not clear. Most patients recover their vision fully within the first week. Please note that the post-operative care might be different from one patient to another.

And what is the waiting list?

Your treatment can be done within 1 to 2 weeks from now.

What do Mr Muel-Gonzalez patients say about his care?

Mrs Dawn Ward, reality show star, model and businesswoman and Mr Ashley Ward, former Premier League player and businessman are among the patients that Mr Muel-Gonzalez has treated. You can see their opinion on this video.

On this next video you can see the opinion of other three lovely patients.

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Every case is different and your requirements might vary, from the type of lens that you will choose to other personalised approach that might be needed.
Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez

Why should I have my treatment under Mr Muel-Gonzalez?

Mr Muel-Gonzalez is a very experienced cataract surgeon:

  • He is the Lead for the Cataract Surgery service at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and performs more than 1500 lens surgeries every year, both NHS and privately.
  • His rate of complications is far below national average (please refer to NOD data from last year, with 0% rate of PCR, one of the most common complications, comparing to 1.1% national average).
  • He is a registered Royal College of Ophthalmologist Educational Supervisor, training future eye surgeons in the North West of England at his NHS practice (there is no training involved in his private work).
  • He is very passionate about sharing knowledge with other colleagues. By training others, Mr Muel-Gonzalez keeps an up-to-date understanding of the new developments in cataract surgery and intraocular lenses.

Do you want to book a consultation with Mr Muel-Gonzalez?

We are now offering a free 1st consultation, where we will do all tests needed to assess your case and you will be able to discuss your treatment options with our surgeon. Refer to the form below to request your consultation and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm our next available free consultation. 

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