Cataract surgery

Personalised cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia (no need to pinch the eye)

What are cataracts?

The lens is a crystalline structure that you have behind your pupil and helps you to focus the image onto your retina. A cataract forms when this lens becomes opaque.

A cataract can cause blurred vision, lose of color perception, difficulty of driving at night or distortion of vision in bright situations. It usually progresses gradually and it can take even months until you will feel the first symptoms. 

What service do we offer?

We offer cataract surgery under topical anesthesia, which means that you will use only drops to numb your eye (avoiding the use of needles). This will enhance your experience during the procedure and allow you to have a faster recovery.

You will be able to choose among different treatment options and customize intraocular lenses and even become totally glasses free after your treatment. Click on this link.

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